Astra 300, Engraved, Condor Legion. #A-1208

Astra M300/2, light factory engraved, silver plated, with special order grips, all matching and well documented as a Condor Legion procurement. While many Nazi era pistols are engraved and ascribed a tenuous history, very few are well documented as factory engraved and shown as delivered to a particular military squadron. This is one of those rare finds, easily verified by reviewing the tabulations in Astra Firearms and Selected Competitors by Leonardo M. Antaris, pages 185, 186. SN: 525001. Cal: 9mmK (.380ACP). The pistol is a standard configuration Astra M300/2 with 3 7/8” barrel and fixed sights. Slide marked with encircled U/C logo and split rear address denoting UNCETA Y COMPANIA S.A./GUERNICA ESPANA. The automatic pistol proof, appearing as an encircled P, appears on the left side of the slide, on the right side of the barrel hood, and as part of the Eibar proofing triad marked on the left tang, whose H denotes production in 1935. Matching serial numbers are on the right side of the slide and right tang with the last digit repeated under the barrel. The major components have been lightly engraved and silver plated. Barrel is in-the-white. Most of the other small parts have been chromed, the lanyard loop fire blued. Special order smooth pearlite grips with the Astra U/C logo and address in Spain appearing as decals. Original Astra magazine, chromed, marked with the E/U logo on the tab. Condition: At least 98% brightly polished silver finish, tarnish in protected areas, with a noticeable loss of plating on the right side of the slide at the muzzle. Grips are horizontally cracked, the left panel having a glued repair. Excellent chromed magazine. Bright bore with sharp rifling. Perfect manual mechanics. A rare opportunity to own a very well documented, factory engraved Astra pistol, one of only 158 examples shipped to the German Condor Legion, this one having been delivered 16 September 1938 to recipient “Stobbe” of Condor Legion 5 F. 8814. A very desirable pistol that should be part of every WWII collection.  A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!