Mauser Model 1878 Zig-Zag Solid Frame Carbine

EXTRAORDINARILY RARE MAUSER MODEL 1878 ZIG-ZAG SOLID FRAME CARBINE. SN 30. Cal. 10.6mm Rimmed. Rust blue finish with 18-5/8″ half octagonal/half round barrel, dual leaf rear sight and ramp front sight having a knurled crest and screw-in bead profile insert. Mounted with uncheckered, straight grain walnut stock and standard Mauser horn buttplate. Bottom of stock & bbl have factory nickeled sling loops. Left side of frame has a serrated, fire blue thumb lever that locks the cylinder. Right side of the recoil shield has a case hardened loading gate. As true for all the early solid-frame Zig-Zag revolvers, the cylinder pin is retained by a spring loaded plunger, having a knurled base, that needs to be depressed for pin removal. Usual Zig-Zag cylinder in which grooves serve to advance the cylinder during the single action hammer pull.  Major components are rust blued, safety lever and trigger are fire blued, hammer and cylinder latch are case hardened while the cylinder pin and its retaining housing are bare metal that has been polished and left in-the-white.  Smooth walnut stock is lightly varnished with usual Mauser butt plate, very similar that was later used on the C96 carbines.  This is an extraordinarily rare find, probably never to be encountered again. PROVENANCE: Collection of Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess. CONDITION: Approximately 80% rust blue with patchy oxidation wand wear largely on the right side of the front sight and barrel.  Comparable condition fire blued parts with expected staining of the cylinder pin and its housing.  Stock with scattered handling dings but no suggestion of enhancement or repair.  Same applies to the buttplate.  Perfect manual mechanics.  Very bright, near mirror bore with sharp rifling.   Although it has been reported that a hundred Zig-Zag carbines were made their survival rate is extremely low with only a handful known to exist in museums and private collections.  An extraordinary opportunity to own one of the rarest Mauser firearms know to exist. ANTIQUE. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!
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