DWM Luger, Model 1899/1900, Number "33"


This super rare, early production DWM Model 1899/1900 Swiss Army Test Luger was described on page 50 and photographed on page 51 of the reference book "Lugers at Random"  by Charles Kenyon (1969). SN: 33. Cal. 7.65mmL. The same gun was also referenced on pages 131-155 of "Pistole Parabellum Vol. I" by Joachim Gortz and Geoffrey Sturgess, and again in the "Borchardt and Luger Automatic Pistol" set by Geoffrey Sturgess. In the 1969 "Lugers at Random" book, Kenyon stated that this was the only known pistol of that form. Since then, additional examples have surfaced, and more information uncovered. All sources agree that these early Test 1899/1900 Lugers as made for the Swiss Army are extremely rare with production cited at fewer than 40 guns. Of those, only the first 35 were completed with a hand cut Swiss cross over chamber. After testing, the guns were returned to DWM where most were improved by changing the middle toggle link with a squared tail to the more familiar form that has a rounded tail. At the same time, any damaged grips were replaced with panels of uniform checkering. This example is one of the modified pistols and remains exactly as pictured and described in "Lugers at Random". It has a elegantly tapered 4 3/4 in barrel with a drift adjustable sight, a Swiss cross over chamber, and an unmarked toggle train having the early style breech block, dished toggles with toggle lock, and an original, unmodified "V" notched rear sight. The original unrelieved frame with a flat mainspring has a narrow grip safety, an early style narrow trigger, a strawed sear bar, and a broad first pattern safety over an incompletely scribed area of polish. As true for every pistol in this series, the serial number was placed under the barrel parallel to the bore axis and repeated on the barrel extension lug, on the back of frame, and on many of the small parts. The rear toggle link is marked "33" in an irregular pattern, slightly lower and larger than usual. The trigger is numbered on the left side and the takedown lever on the exposed axle on the right side. The pistol is fitted with a set of checkered walnut grips whose left panel is penciled "33"; the right grip is unnumbered. Correct tin plated flat button magazine with an unmarked wooden base. Condition: Approximately 95% original rust blue with expected sharp edge wear and slight patina/thinning of the front strap. Strawed parts are faded but show no evidence of enhancement. Crisp grips with sharp checkering and a few handling marks. Comparable condition magazine. A truly exceptional pre-production Swiss Luger, arguably the Holy Grail of one of the most recognizable and iconic military pistols extant. A HISTORIC INVESTMENT!

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