We will be happy to help you with your import needs but be aware that this involves a lot of paperwork and time. To start this process, you can either fill out the online PDF import application (click here to download) and send it to us, or give us the following information.

Name, address, phone and FAX of foreign seller.

Name, address, phone and FAX of foreign shipper, if different than #1.

Name, address, phone and FAX of U.S.A. end-user.

Name, address, phone and FAX of U.S.A. FFL dealer, if different than end-user.

Manufacturer, country of manufacture, type (pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun), model, caliber, barrel length in inches, overall length in inches, whether it is new or used, and dollar value for each firearm.

End-use of firearms (i.e. collection, resale, sport shooting, consignment, etc.).

Military or police surplus firearms, categorized as curio and relic, require additional documentation. BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) needs a "5 year letter" stipulating that they have been in the country of export for the previous 5 years. The documentation is in the form of a receipt or signed statement on an original document. A fax or email is not acceptable. If you wish, we can provide a sample "5 year letter" to send to your contact for their signature and have them mail it back to us.

After the documents are received, we will apply for your license. In most cases, your application will be submitted in a few days. BATF generally takes 8-12 weeks to render a decision, sometimes longer.

As you may be aware, there are some guns that cannot be imported. That includes most .25 ACP, .32 ACP and .380 ACP pistols. Pistols have to have an overall length of 6" and revolvers have to have a barrel length of 3". Smaller guns are prohibited from importation as are most US military weapons, all assault weapons and machine guns. On occasion, the US Department of State will change the list of "friendly" countries from which we can receive firearms.

If your application is approved, we will email the foreign shipper a copy of the import permit and give them the instructions on how to address and place their documents on the parcel. Be sure to advise your shipper to place your guns in a sturdy container that can be opened by the US Customs Service, if needed, and resealed.

As for shipping, many countries require that their firearms be shipped Air Freight, especially for larger quantities. If Air Parcel Post is acceptable, the shipping will probably be less expensive. Should you choose that rate, let us know, as some of the shipping details will be different. We will not accept any packages with collect charges.

Cost: Our minimum fee to prepare your import license is $200.00 each for the first two guns and $100.00 for every additional gun. This fee, that includes the cost of laser engraving the required import marks, must be received before we submit your application. It is not refundable in case of BATF rejection or for any other reason. If the original application is denied and you modify the gun to meet ATF's concerns, our reapplication fee is as per a new permit. We are very sensitive to the collector's view regarding import marking that will be performed as discreetly as possible. For the record, BATF requires a character height of at least 1/16" and a depth of at least .003".

Be aware that there are additional costs outside our control including the customs brokerage fee, storage fees, insurance, duty, shipment to our office and the shipment to you. Duty is approximately 3% the value of the rifle/shotgun and 6% the value of the pistol/revolver. If we have to repackage your shipment to the US end-user, add $10.00. You will need to pay all of those costs before we forward your shipment.

Although we will expedite your application process to the best of our ability, there are many factors outside our control. BATF's response to your import request may be delayed or other countries may be tardy in their export approval. For example, Hermann Historica, the largest auction house in Germany, advises a 2-3 month wait for an export permit.

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